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The transaction volume of Sen processed by Silvergate reached a historical peak Countries with digital currenciesof $17.4 billion, 80% higher than the fourth quarter of last year and 320% higher than the same period of last year. Besides providing traditional banking services for cryptocurrency companies, Silvergate also operates its own proprietary payment network, Silvergate trading network (SEN). Sen provides us dollar transfers 24 hours a day for banks' growing digital currency related customer base, covering exchanges, investors and trading companies.

Users can send messages, make audio and video calls, send and receive digital currency in chat pages, and store bitcoin or any erc-20 token.

The defi synthetic asset agreement linearfinance linearfinance is a decentralized Delta one asset agreement designed to create, manage, trade, and provide liquidity seamlessly and instantly. Linalinearlinear view more (Lina) to test the online line linear exchange function. stay Linear.Exchange In the test network, users can test the use of linear exchange's base currency ℓ USD to purchase synthetic asset investment product liquid, so as to obtain investment asset exposure. In the main network line, linear will provide a complete set of tradable investment assets. At present, the synthetic assets investment products provided by linear include liquid bitcoin (ℓ BTC), liquid Ethereum (ℓ ETH) and liquid 10 main index (ℓ hb10). Hb10 index comes from firecoin global station and consists of 10 digital currencies with the largest market value, scale and circulation. According to previous reporCountries with digital currenciests, linear launched the linearbuilder function of the test network on October 16. Buildr is part of linear's decentralized suite. Users can pledge Lina tokens to create the base currency of linear exchange ℓ USD.

Michael Miebach, President of MasterCard, a credit card giant, said at the third quarter earnings conference that MasterCard's cryptocurrency patent would bring advantages to payment processors after the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) was launched, according to coindesk. MasterCard is the leading crypto IP payment platform and is in discussions with governments on CBDC plans. Lianwen previously reported that in July this year, MasterCard announced its plan to expand its cryptocurrency, so that its partners can more easily, quickly, safely and in compliance with the market. The first partner is WireX, so that consumers can hold or use cryptocurrency more easily. In September, MasterCard announced a virtual test environment for central banks to evaluate CBDC use cases. The platform can simulate the environment in which banks, financial service providers and consumers use CBDC for distribution, distribution and transaction.

Coti's advisory team and supporters include twitter, coinbase, early investor Greg Kidd of rippleCountries with digital currencies, Steven Heilbron, former CEO of Investec bank, and Dr. Matthew mcbrady, former chief information officer of BlackRock.