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Wisden Writers-Content Writing Services By #1 Writing Company
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Three Tools to Spruce Up Your Article Writing Services

writingWriting is a struggle. Though it seems like a casual, easy activity to the uninitiated, those who sit down and write know that it is akin to fighting an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are certain… Methods which can be used to make the process a bit smoother, a bit more effective, and a whole lot more enjoyable. We’re talking about apps.  These are great options but they are no substitute for a custom writing service.


When it comes to American literature, there are few authors as acclaimed as Ernest Hemingway. Known for his concise, simple method of writing that managed to be more effective than even the most complicated novels with an exotic vernacular (oh dear), Hemingway’s style is easy to grasp, but hard to master. The Hemingway App is a powerful tool that helps perfect a writing style that’s short, succinct, and very engaging.

Focus Writer (gottcode.org/focuswriter)

While style is often a problem for writers, distractions are an even worse problem. Whenever you’re writing, Facebook popups, Gmail notifications, and Skype alerts conspire to peel you away from your writing. Even now, as you’re reading this, chances are you’re tempted to check on something. Focus Writer is an app designed to help shut out all distractions and allow you to focus on what matters: Translating your thoughts to paper. Free, convenient, and easy to use, it is a perfect addition to your writing arsenal, as long as you forget about the existence of Alt+Tab…

750 Words (750words.com)

Of course, no app is going to work if you can’t start writing. This is a common problem for article writing services, but one that has a very simple solution. This little online app is designed to help you get the creative juices flowing, so to speak. The idea is simple: Every time, in the morning, write three pages, 750 words. No form, no subject, just whatever comes to your mind. The purpose is to help you develop a productive habit of writing three pages a day, improve your writing, and provide an outlet for creativity. The app comes with built-in progress tracking that helps you ensure you write every day, and additional social elements to make writing a bit more competitive. Best of all? It’s free, like the other two apps featured here.