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Hainan provincial local financial supervision and Administration Bureau signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shenzhen one account Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "fidigital currency companynancial one account link") last week. The two sides agreed on the following contents in the agreement: first, financial oneaccount can use the strength of the company to apply financial technology such as blockchain and cloud computing to assist Hainan local financial supervision and Administration Bureau in building a financial information service platform based on risk prevention and control, integrating services, trade and supervision; second, jointly establishing a digital system of local financial supervision; third, joint exploration method The path of marketization and commercialization of fixed digital currency and related financial technology innovation achievements of free trade port.

Mu Changchun, director of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China, stressed at a meeting in Singapore on Tuesday that we know that the public use banknotes and coins to remain anonymous... We will meet the anonymous transaction needs of these users, Reuters reported. The central bank will maintain a balance between controllable anonymity and anti money laundering, anti terrorist financing (CTF) and taxation, online gambling and any digital crime. Previously, Lianwen reported that Mu Changchun said that the public has a demand for anonymous payment, but today's payment tools are tightly bound with the traditional bank account system, which can not meet the demand of consumers for anonymous payment and can not completely replace cash. We have to keep a balance and that's our goal. We do not seek full control of public information.

Everyone has a responsibility to help promote financial inclusion, support users who abide by Internet ethics, and continue to maintain the integrity of this ecosystem. Bertrand Perez, managing director and chief operating officer of Facebook Libra, said in an interview with French news magazine Les Echos that we will firmly maintdigital currency companyain the release schedule of Libra plan, which will be launched as scheduled by the end of 2020. At the same time, he said that Libra association is fully aware of the problems related to money laundering and terrorist financing and will cooperate with the regulatory authorities to solve these problems. Perez is optimistic that as the association will solve all the problems, Libra will be launched as scheduled. The Libra association is currently headquartered in Switzerland with an office in the United States and will expand to Asia and other European countries in the future. According to previous reports, the Swiss Monetary Authority said that Libra must obtain a payment system license first. French finance minister said Libra threatened the government's monetary sovereignty. Lagarde, the candidate for president of the European Central Bank, expressed his attitude towards digital currency, which was to remain open but alert to risks.

Gary Gensler is currently leading Biden's financial policy transition team. Gary Gensler, former CFTC chairman and U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, is also a senior advisor to MIT Media Lab's digital currency program.

It is in a leading position in the field of virtual currency. Since its establishment in 2013, firecoin group has successively obtained investment from Zhenge fund and Sequoia Capital, with accumulated transaction volume exceeding 1.2 trillion US dollars, once becoming the world's largest digital asset trading platform, accounting for 50% of global digital asset trading share. At present, firecoin group has invested in more than 60 upstream and downstream enterprises, and has completed the establishment of compliance service teams in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, providing safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services for millions of users in more than 130 countries. Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi Huobi see more Group founder Li Lin at the Hainan free trade port digital economy and blockchain International Cooperation Forum said that Huo coin will release the upgraded version odigital currency companyf Huo coin cloud solution, Huo coin cloud 2 0 will provide blockchain based digital currency issuance and payment, digital asset financial market overall solution.

With the help of this professional whole process solution, the team that becomes OK partner can easily build digital asset exchange and share depth and liquidity with other OK partners. At that time, 100 exchanges will be launched simultaneously. Under the empowerment of the plan, a number of autonomous, efficient and transparent high-level digital asset exchanges are expected to appear in the digital money market. In several years of growth and operation, okex has accumulated valuable operation experience and core technology, and these intangible assets are undoubtedly a great gospel for blockchain entrepreneurs. In the case of limited team resources and personnel, the new blockchain forces can quickly complete the rush with the help of okex, complete the docking with the high-quality resources of the currency circle, and solve the liquidity shortage problem that new projects may face when they are cold started. After boarding the aircraft carrier okex, the project team formally joined the blockchain navigation in full swing. Any Unicorn enterprise will gradually evolve in its own advantageous battlefield and complete the gorgeous transformation from participant to ecological builder. Exchange empowerment will standardize the development of the currency circle and raise the threshold of competition to serve users. For a period of time, the uneven digital currency exchanges at home and abroad have become a sword hanging on the top of the coin circle investors. The problems of network delay, network hackers and server crash caused by excessive trading have troubled investors and young project teams. At present, okex chooses to open full link solutions to high-quality teams, which is undoubtedly an industry gospel. This disruptive innovation is equivalent to providing a high-quality infrastructure for the entrepreneurial team, allowing the team to focus more resources on project and product development. Okexokcoinokb Xu star oklinkokt auco cloud chain oklinkokt mining pool okokokchain okexchain okexdexokex trading chain okeokexchain view more about a case against Sichuan user Deng Mou, officially opened. The case was formally filed in China on July 25. Okex asked Deng to return some stolen bitcoin bitcoin, a decentralized and non universal global payment encrypted digital currency. However, most countries believe that bitcoin is a virtual commodity, not a currency. The concept of bitcoin was born in a paper signed by Nakamoto in 2008,