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Coinbasecoinbase, founded in 2012, is the most visited mainstream digtop 100 people in digital currencyital currency trading and blockchain integrated service platform in the world, which can purchase, sell, transfer and store your digital currency online. At the same time, coinbase was also the first fintech application that used to rank the first in the app store, which once exceeded the downloads of Twitter and Uber. At the same time, it helps the U.S. government to train the blockchain expertise, and help and promote the industry regulation of the U.S. government. Coalbase view more custody Hosting Services announced online blockchain video platform youknow token props. Props token, launched by youknow, aims to reward platform users and content creators. Younow won an exemption from the issuance of rega + tokens approved by the U.S. Securities and Futures Commission (SEC) this month, which can issue cryptocurrency to raise $50 million within a year. Sam mcingvale, chief executive of coinbasecustody, said institutional investors and content creators holding props tokens would be able to use industry recognized escrow services to protect funds. For projects like props, participants and verifiers are crucial to the operation of the blockchain network. Coinbasecustody not only provides cold Wallet Storage of assets, but also can interact with the network.

These eight enterprises are respectively suspected of carrying out virtual currency exchange or token financing activities. They are Shenzhen digital singularity Technology Co., Ltd. (which has been cancelled, the predecessor of bitkan), Shenzhen Internet Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. (listed on the new third board), Shenzhen Aipu Software Co., Ltd. (digital currency quantitative trading client upbtc), and Shenzhen kaipai Network Technology Co., Ltd Technology Co., Ltd. (Star home page), Shenzhen Xingyun Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Xingyun currency MCC), Shenzhen wireless micro Business Technology Co., Ltd. (hob and chain), Shenzhen Huashang times Network Technology Co., Ltd. (BTS image chain), Shenzhen maiguoer Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Guoer coin).

Com shows that Coti is a digital currency payment projetop 100 people in digital currencyct based on DAG. The goal is to simplify the payment processing process by establishing a trustchain consensus agreement, and to solve the challenges faced by the existing cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods. Coti's advisory team and supporters include twitter, coinbase, early investor Greg Kidd of ripple, Steven Heilbron, former CEO of Investec bank, and Dr. Matthew mcbrady, former chief information officer of BlackRock.

Suterusuterussusuterusu suterusu, a zero knowledge proof platform for blockchain, plans to implement anonymous cryptocurrency based on ZK conspark, which is free of installation. Initially, their cryptocurrency will have a structure similar to mimbleimble, and then it will be extended to privacy preserving smart contracts. The economic model of its currency is based on deflation. At an early stage, the verifier will charge a fee and the payment process will be accompanied by a Bancor proportional destruction mechanism. As systems develop, ecosystems can provide users with simpler services, not just payment transactions. Suterusu has announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with the privacy coin sero to jointly establish the privacy computing laboratory. Sero will assist Suter to issue sutertoken based on its public chain, and the ZK conspark core technology of Suter project will contribute to the sero ecology. In addition, the projects to be cooperated by the two sides include a series of technical seminars, including but not limited to the security discussion and optimization of zero knowledge proof, privacy protection based on account model and optimization of privacy protection traffic; production of a series of training courses on privacy protection technology,

Based on cosmoscosmos, solve the interoperability and scalability problems of blockchain, and improve the transaction speed. To some extent, it becomes the Internet on the blockchain. Cosmos, known as the Internet of blockchain, is also considered as the 3.0 version of blockchain. It aims to solve the problems of interactive operation and scalability of blockchain. Its communication protocol between blockchains can realize the interconnection of blockchains and support asset transfer between different blockchains. Cosmos believes that the world can not be dominated by one blockchain. It must be a world in which multiple chains coexist and multiple currencies coexist. How to integrate Multi Chain and multi currency into an ecosystem is cosmos's ultimate ideal. It believes that money and chains should be separated. The core technology of cosmos, tenermint, enables token to be transferred across block chains. It is an early POS consensus engine based on Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol in blockchain field. The innovation of tendermint architecture is that it separates the blockchain application (state) from the underlying layer. The core code, tendetop 100 people in digital currencyrmintcore, covers reusable and configurable consensus and network layer functions. At the same time, it also defines a set of abci callback interfaces to interact with the application layer. The application logic can be written in any language you are familiar with. For example, the transaction is sent to the client through the transaction validity check of the client. The effective transaction enters the tendermint memory pool. It is proposed that the node select the transaction from the memory pool to enter the candidate new block, and the new block agreed by POS will be broadcast to the whole network.