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MIT Technology Review, founded by Massachusetts Institute of technology, has selected the top 10 global breakthrough technol"saracen" "digital currency"ogies in 2020, and digital currency has been selected. Other technologies include: anti black Internet, ultra personalized drugs, anti-aging drugs, artificial intelligence discovery molecules, super satellite, quantum superiority, micro artificial intelligence, differential privacy, climate change attribution. In the field of digital currency, the magazine pointed out that the significance of digital currency is that as the frequency of the use of real money decreases, the freedom of transaction without intermediary will also decrease. At the same time, digital money technology can be used to divide the global financial system. The main researchers of digital currency technology include Facebook, which is expected to mature in 2020, and China is expected to become the first economy in the world to release a digital version of its currency to replace the real currency.

Bella protocol said that the financing exceeded the original goal of raising funds. The project aims to reduce the threshold of the use of defi and provide users with easy-to-use, free digital currency asset management products. Bella protocol also said it would launch liquidity mining and airdrop plans for ARPA token holders in the near future.

The bank for International Settlements (BIS) said in its latest report that the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) in 2020 is more concerned than ever before. According to the report, countries have different motives for issuing CBDC, so the policy approa"saracen" "digital currency"ch and technical design are also different. BIS said that relying on the technical reports provided by the central bank, it has established a comprehensive database of technical methods and policy positions on the issue, and described in depth three different CBDC methods of central banks in China, Sweden and Canada.

Square, a payment application founded by twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has announced a patent for an encrypted payment network. According to the patent application submitted by square, the system can convert legal currency into illegal currency tool through a system called cryptocurrency payment network. In other words, the user can pay in French currency through the network, while the receiver can choose to receive funds in digital currency. Currency exchange is conducted directly through the network without any other steps taken by both parties. The payment network can also work in reverse, which means that the user can send digital currency and the payee receives it in French currency. This patent system can provide consumers with a new experience of online and offline shopping with cryptocurrency. According to the patent information,

Other members of the team are from well-known international In"saracen" "digital currency"ternet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent and today's headlines. Renrenbit team will give full play to its senior experience in the fields of market, technology, product and operation, and strive to build renrenbit into a more secure and better experience digital asset service platform. Renrenbittrrb Renren bitrrb views more about the second quarter financial report of 2020. According to the financial report, as of June 30, this year, renrenrenbit users had 97888160.68usdt of assets, with total assets of 141923612.12usdt; in the second quarter of 2020, the total profit was 777790.62usdt, after deducting the cost of token destruction, the net profit was 236263.70usdt. In the first half of 2020, renrenrenbit realized a total profit of 2079696.41usdt and a net profit of 1533573.60usdt. Renrenbit said that under the influence of the epidemic panic and the impact of the black swan in the global capital market, the digital money market has also been seriously affected. The market sentiment is serious and the digital currency lending market is relatively low, which has affected our business to a certain extent. However, renrenrenbit is still making profits in the depressed market environment. After 312, renrenrenbit immediately started to optimize the capital risk control model, optimized and upgraded its products, and released several major version updates, including the new version of flash loan and the new version of market-oriented interest rate under the external grey test. Renrenbit also said that in the third quarter of this year, a series of major product updates for lending, asset management and trading will be released intensively.

Ngcventures announced its support for xanpool, an automated digital currency / French currency exchange channel, to expand its influence in Asia. With the support of NGC, xanpool will serve as an omni channel solution to provide institutions and retail users with an intuitive and flexible way to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. It is not only the first method of automatic currency transfer in the world, but also the automatic transfer process of digital currency. XanPool has introduced direct gateways to PayNow, FPS, Alipay (HK) and InstaPay among many other leading mobile providers. Currently, xanpool has entered the markets of India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Products on the official website have supported the purchase of cryptocurrencies by currencies from Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong, as well as the sale of cryptocurrencies in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Ghana. To date, the company has established a network of more than 80 automated and trusted merchants throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to formulate the 14th five-year plan for national economic and social development and the long-term goal for the year of 2035. It is proposed to promote the application of legal digital currency, cultivate and build a blockchain + financial industry cluster, promote the implementation of supervision sandbox pilot, and improve the construction of mul"saracen" "digital currency"ti-level inclusive financial system.