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Give full play to the advantages get free digital currencyof digital technology, establish and improve the inclusive financial system and credit risk identification, monitoring, early warning and disposal system with wide coverage, sustainable, mutual assistance and sharing, and synchronous development online and offline; strengthen the construction of financial standards in the field of digital Inclusive Finance.

Shares of China's financial technology companies are soaring with the upcoming launch of digital currency and the resulting demand for security and payment services. According to Reuters on Friday, the China securities financial technology theme index, which tracks mainstream financial technology companies, has risen more than 50% since 2019, far better than the market. The shares of China's largest network security service provider, 360 security technology, rose more than 50% this month after rising about 200% this year. Previously, Mu Changchun had been reported that in August this year, the deputy director of the payment and settlement Division said that China is almost ready to issue its own sovereign digital currency. The proposed new digital currency will have some similarities with the Facebook stable currency Libra, and support WeChat and Alipay platforms.

Republicnote will raise funds to develop the algorand blockchain protocol from sivio Micali, MIT professor and algorand Turing Award winner. Algorand represents a direction of the development of the underlying technology of blockchain. Algorand is a variant of the POS mechanism of proof of rights. POS uses cryptography to randomly select participants who are responsible for adding the next block (or transactget free digital currencyion) to the blockchain. The algorand team led by Professor Micali has gathered world-class cryptography experts, all of them are the leaders in the field of computer science at MIT, with strong professional theory and scientific research strength. In addition, algorand's consultants in strategic management, economics, computer science and cryptocurrency are industry influencers in their respective fields, including partners of renowned venture capital pillar and USV, economics professors from MIT and Harvard University, professors of electronic information engineering and computer science from top American universities, founder of coinlist and joint invention of zcash underlying protocol And so on. The algorand algo algorand foundation see more on the launch. In an interview with Bloomberg, Republican CEO Kendrick Nguyen said the token would be a currency that could be traded, stored and used in any country in the world. Republic can raise up to $8 million, equivalent to about 68 million tokens. The money will be used to develop and maintain digital tokens and help find new investment deals, and republicnote hopes to change the perception of digital currencies among investors who are only willing to invest in traditional stocks in the open market.

According to CNBC, takas georgakopoulos, head of JPMorgan's global payment business, said JPMorgan's digital currency jpmcoin was first used by a large client to make commercial payments worldwide. This development, along with several other behind the scenes actions, convinced JPMorgan to create a new business called Onyx, which focuses on blockchain and digital currency projects, and currently has more than 100 employees Work. He further added: we launched Onyx because we believe that we are entering the commercialization stage of technology, from research and development to something that can be truly commercial. In addition, JP Morgan's blockchain payment function has been confirmed before the iin.

Elliptic, a blockchain analysis and tracking company, added zcashzcget free digital currencyash, the first open cryptocurrency without permission, and fully protected the privacy of transactions with zero knowledge cryptography technology. Based on the privacy technology on the blockchain, transactions automatically hide the sender, receiver and amount of all transactions on the blockchain. Zcash is the first blockchain system to use zero knowledge proof mechanism, which can provide complete payment confidentiality, while still using public blockchain to maintain a decentralized network. The same as bitcoin, the total number of zcash tokens issued is 21 million. The difference is that zcash transactions automatically hide the sender, receiver and amount of all transactions on the blockchain. Only those who have the view key can see the content of the transaction. Users have full control, and they can choose to provide a view key to others. Zcashzeczcash foundation privacy coin Zec view more and Zen support enables cryptocurrency businesses to trade these two currencies in a compliant manner. At the same time, digital currency dealers and lenders Genesis will use elliptic to monitor illegal activities in zcash and Zen transactions. Tom Robinson, chief scientist at elliptic, said:

However, the specific plan for the listing of didi is still being confirmed by the high-level people. Didi did not comment on the listing. In addition to listing this path, the previous market rumors didi and meituan merger is not groundless. The reporter learned from investors close to didi that the two sides are indeed in contact, and major shareholders including Softbank also intend to promote the merger, but didi has different opinions on the merger within Didi. According to Lianwen's previous reports, the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank and didi travel have formally reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly study and explore the scenario Innovation and application of digital RMB in the field of smart travel. In addition to Didi, meituan and station B have also cooperated with banks participating in the digital currency project of the central bank.