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Unionwhat are digital currency pools?bit, a digital currency exchange, is launched to provide DTC, ETH, BCH and other currencies. Unionbit said that it adopted the currency weighted price of the top CMC exchanges, and there was no position fee for trading. At present, unionbit has been supported by institutions such as Rui capital, alphacoinfund, golden krypton capital and chain capital.

The bank for International Settlements said the next phase of the digital currency experiment would be completed in the third quarter of 2021. According to a previous report, benoॕtc œ ur é, head of the innovation center of the bank for International Settlements, once said that BIS plans to issue the central bank digital currency in the concept verification stage together with the National Bank of Switzerland. This work will pave the way for the experiment of the constituent elements of retail Central Bank digital currency. These elements may include connectivity to existing payment systems, application excuses, digital identity tracks, compliance monitoring, etc.

Iotex, as an open source project, was established in 2017 with the goal of building a privacy centric high-performance blockchain platform. The team consists of doctors, senior engineers and ecosystem developers in cryptography, distributed systems and machine learning. The investors include Danhua capitwhat are digital currency pools?al, hashed, NGC, etc.

Coinbase was also the first fintech app that used to rank first in the app store, once exceeding the downloads of Twitter and Uber. At the same time, it helps the U.S. government to train the blockchain expertise, and help and promote the industry regulation of the U.S. government. Coinbase see more and circle Internet financial, a Boston based bitcoin startup, develops tools for consumers to use bitcoin. Once upon a time, circle provided payment, transfer, zero cost cross-border trading and other services for consumer grade bitcoin wallet tools. However, they are transforming into a real cryptocurrency service enterprise rather than an exchange or payment service startup company, changing the positioning of the company in the past. Since its establishment, the company has been favored by capital, with investors including Goldman Sachs, IDG capital, bitcontinental and Pantera capital, a hedge fund. Circle will aim at one of the most important elements of the crypto economy. They have acquired poloniex, an old cryptocurrency exchange, and have taken some tokens off the trading platform. They are planning to issue usd-c benchmarking US dollars through their own centre project to promote their products and services, which will be supervised and supported by real government currency. Stabilizing digital currency stablecoin project will become the key to circle's maturity and continuous expansion. As a part of mobile payment application, OTC business and its exchange service, the project aims to solve the problems perceived by the global cryptocurrency trading platform and market leaders, and replace the central banking business with high-tech products. Centre consortium announced the appointment of David puth, a financial industry veteran, as its new chief executive. David puth will be responsible for expanding the centre membership and promoting the adoption of its stable currency, as well as working with global regulators to introduce a new legal digital currency (stable currency) based on the centre standard. David puth worked for JPMorgan for 19 years as head of money, commodities and emerging markets, according to LinkedIn,

5%, 46 concept stocks all closed up. In terms of capital flow, the board as a whole showed a trend of net capital inflow, with the net inflow of main funds exceeding RMB 830 million, of which, the net capital inflow of 16 large single stocks exceeded RMB 10 million. According to what are digital currency pools?chain news, the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with didi to explore the application of digital currency smart travel scenarios. The digital currency Institute of the central bank has also announced the recruitment of interns in Shenzhen, Suzhou.

DBS Bank of Singapore announced the official launch of DBS digital exchange, which will start trading next week. Meanwhile, the Singapore Exchange will hold 10 per cent of DBS digital exchange.

Cobo wallet, together with chainext, a professional index team, released the digital currency index fund, which is expected to go online in August. Investorwhat are digital currency pools?s can buy index funds directly from Cobo wallets to track the performance of a basket of cryptocurrencies in the index. Cobo is a digital currency wallet with the functions of stacking and node gain. Its goal is to build a one-stop digital asset storage and management platform to provide users with a secure and reliable storage and payment environment. Chainext team is a team composed of top experts, engineers in the domestic securities industry and doctors from famous universities at home and abroad. Relying on its advantages in financial product design and underlying system architecture, chainext team is committed to building the whole industry chain infrastructure in the field of blockchain and digital token.

The Bank of Korea (the country's central bank) has set up a central bank digital currency legal advisory group to help review and revise legal issues related to the central bank's digital currency. The Advisory Group is composed of six legal experts in the field of Finance (mainly university professors and lawyers) and the person in charge of Korean banking regulations. According to the chain news inquiry, the legal advisory group will initially operate for one year (June 2020 to may 2021), and then will discuss whether to extend the operation period. Lianwen previously reported that on June 9, the Bank of Korea released its medium - and long-term development strategy (bok2030) and formulated four strategic objectives and 16 strategic tasks. According to the strategy, in response to the global financial crisis and changes in payment and settlement methods, the Bank of Korea will continue to research and prepare for the development of the central bank's digital currency. In addition, in March this year, South Korea has launched a 22 month digital currency pilot program. In May, the Bank of Korea released a research report on the development status of foreign central banks' digital money (focusing on the progress of Technology Research), and said that it would use the latest IT technology such as decentralization technology in the future digital currency experiment, so as to innovate and develop the future payment and settlement system.